Fujikura Rombax 7E06 Iron Shaft

Fujikura Rombax 7E06 Iron Shaft
Price: $150.00

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The Rombax 7E06 is a discontinued shaft and no longer available. Please take a look at the Rombax 9E05 shaft for the newer version.

Graphite Shafts in Irons are no longer just for senior golfers. Our offerings in 2009 give players from tour level play to beginners the opportunity to benefit from the material and design characteristics that graphite inherently has over steel.
 Flex  R  S
 Length  39-35.5  39-35.5
 Weight  70g  72g
 Tip Flex  50-42  48-38
 Butt Flex  59-51  52-46
 Torque  3.5  3.5
 Tip Dia.  .370  .370
 Par. Tip  3.5  3.5
 Butt Dia.  .585  .585
 Bend Point  Mid  Mid
 Spin  Mid  Mid
 Launch  Mid  Mid